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Paint Sip Socialize is one of the fastest growing paint & sip studios in Georgia. We're located in Atlanta. It is fun for all ages. Our artist will give you step-by-step instructions for your masterpiece. It’s a casual class where you bring your favorite foods and cold beverages. We will socialize and play some games with others in the class. 



We play a variety of music such as R & B, Pop, Trap, Rock, Hip Hop, Gospel, Country and Jazz. We provide everything for you: paint, canvas, brushes, apron and a really talented and funny artist to guide and entertain you while you paint. You bring your beverages, any alcoholic drinks, food, snacks and friends to enjoy. Seating is limited, book a class Book A Class | paintsipsocialize ASAP. 

We combine the fun and relaxation of a party atmosphere with the challenge of a painting class. 

We also offer private mobile classes, virtual classes, corporate retreats, private lessons and a summer program which is solely dedicated to enriching creativity in youth and young adults. 


We have classes such as Girls Night Out, Date Night, Bachelorette Parties, Children’s functions, Family Reunions and Private Parties.•   A typical event at Paint and Sip is an event like no other. You will be instructed to paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in a super fun and judgmental free environment!  Expect to sing along to great music, maybe have a dance contest or just relax. We even do karaoke. Our first priority is to show you a GOOD TIME!