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Paint Sip Socialize is a Paint and Sip Art studio that offers a unique corporate retreat opportunity.  Instead of just eating and chatting about work. Let us focus on some “productive relaxation” with our team building exercises that include a piece of customized art as the theme of your event.  We provide the canvas, paint etc. and you paint it.  Our artist will assist you every stroke of the way.  It'll give you something to take back as well as a memory to savor well beyond the retreat.
Your senior executives, managers and leadership can reignite their passion for team building and company development through some of our breakout forums and other activities.  We want you to feel relaxed and allow it to be a productive get away without having to travel far from Downtown Atlanta.  We are also mobile but we’ve found that getting away from the comfort of the office is a better experience. Art allows you to be relaxed, focused, bold and creative; the freedom to think outside of the box and see the big picture.


A successful business should have the same or a similar culture. Our hopes are that we encourage or ignite leadership to create new thought processes with colorful vision and hopefully start to mentor team members with confidence and passion through training, coaching and team building.

We believe our clients will benefit from working with us because our concept is a non-traditional corporate retreat. Our customized art work is unprecedented. PSS artist and trainers are dynamic and clearly experts in their respective fields.  The participants’ experience is practical, memorable and striking enough to capture their attention, while still maintaining a fit with the company’s vision and goals.  Our staff will personalize an agenda or we can simply utilize your agenda and insert our painting class as a piece of the course. 
We can create certificates and have a small ceremony to wrap up for those in attendance.  If this sounds like something that can assist your team with winning and being successful, please tell us how we can help and we’ll schedule a conference call with our team to discuss your needs. We will build a course that can meet your needs varying from a few hours to multiple days or quarterly training retreats.  Just Let Us Know


Paint Sip Socialize Corporate Retreats can help you if:
•  You’re trying to rebuild or re-energize your team.
•  You’re in the process of developing a Strategic Plan.
•  You’re trying to figure out how to work with and or mentor millennials.
•  You have a new business with plenty of new growth 
•  You need to work on your communication skills, media interviews 
   and or presentation skills.
•  Need steps on working with external customers
•  You need a crash course on customer service for the new millennium
•  And many more


What we offer:  In House or Mobile courses
•  Professional art studio/classroom atmosphere that can accommodate 
    60 plus with tables and comfortable chairs
•  AV equipment including mic, stage, easels, dance floor, music, disco lights
•  You can cater or bring your own food and drinks.  Commercial sink available
        o We can also cater your choice of breakfast and lunch
•  24/7 availability to our facility, free parking
•  Painting, team building exercises, prizes
•  Group photos and photos during class

Multiple Team Building & Leadership development classes
•  Professional Development/ Career development strategies
•  Team building
•  Creating or revising Mission Statements, Visions and Values
•  Etiquette and Protocol
•  Dine like a Diplomat
•  The Wow Customer Service 
•  Succession planning
•  Marketing strategies including Social Media do’s and donts
       o How to build your brand
       o How to increase endorsements and sponsors
•  Sales improvement 
•  Mentoring millennials
•  Continuity of operations for business 
•  Terrorism, active shooter, site evacuation planning
•  CPR and first aid  
•  Harassment 


Download PSS Press Kit
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